Corruption case inside the Education Authorities in Monterrey México. By Aldo Sánchez The Dragon Of CRONOS Tiempo de Todo!

Washington Post, Time Magazine, UNICEF, World Office of Human Rights, New York Times, CNN and whoever I can reach before the day is over.

Hello. My name is Aldo Rodrigo Sanchez Tovar.

I would like to get your interest in a case of corruption inside the Education Secretary Department in Monterrey Mexico.

My son along with other 30 boys are attending clases at the General Juan Zuazua Primary School Evening Shift. This Shift is important because most of the parents are low resource people who work at informal commerce blocks away from the school. It is the last surviving state owned educational center in the main heart of Monterrey City.

Over the last 2 years, there has been a struggle between parents and education authorithies because the governmet wants to close the School.

Because of the pressure of newspapers and TV News, the authority lost the case in the past two years, but now, the Education Secretary in the State Juana Aurora Cavazos, is running for Governor and her political power is enhanced. She has been always protected under the wing of the present Governor Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, even when there are many corruption issues on her administration.

The main interest of closing the school is because the building is in a section of the city that several investors had secured with the authority to make a commercial corridor worth in millions of pesos.

They cannot let some ignorant and poor citizens to stop in the eyes of the whole city, the advances of the woman who want to be the State Governor.

Even the TV News that covered the story are refusing to cover the story again and are deleting information of their servers.

They are using an army of bureocrats to stop the parents from saving the school, we have a written compromise of one of their area directors Jaime del Toro Reyna, but he is only a decoy to make time and stop us to get higher into the Education Secretary.

From today to Monday the instruction between education departments is to close the school to let pass the new model of extended School of the Federal Reform (but the school has not the requirements of teachers and accomodations for the extra four hour term, the kids are going to be alone with no teachers attending them). School Principal Martha Gloria González Zavala and Regional Inspector María de la Luz de León Velázquez (who was found guilty of several issues in the past and lost her laboral rights for a full year term) are the executors of Juana Aurora Cavazos plan. The Regional inspector even uses the school kids yard as her personal race track and parking lot ( forbidden for civilian cars because kids play in that place)

Why the citizens and the children have to be ruled by people with such dark background.

In the recent days there was a poll asking citizens to grade the confidence level of  Juana Aurora Cavazos, she ranked lower that most politicians in the poll. Even lower than other politicians more controverted.

The Teacher Union Leaders Guadalupe Castillo and Casimiro Alemán from Sections 50 and 21 have filed complaints of corruption against her.

You can verify my story checking the links I provide and also you can investigate me, before this conflict, my only behavoir it was to spread information about arts and culture I have even received the Civic Merit Medal because of my work.

Google my name and see what you get:

For over 20 years I`ve only had been teaching modeling clay lessons to live in an extemely modest way.

Please take interest in my story.

There is so much corruption in my country I don’t know who else to ask help.

We even contacted local human rights office but they are overruned by the Government Paws.

Registry in Local Human Rights Office CEDHNL

11 de Septiembre 2013

Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos de Nuevo León

Newspaper El Horizonte

Perla Parra


TV Azteca video

Perla Parra.


TV Note Karina Garza Ochoa

27 agosto 2012

Multimedios Television Video


09 de Septiembre del 2013

Newspaper Milenio Diario de Monterrey



TV Azteca News report

Perla Parra.


About the Autor:

Aldo Rodrigo Sánchez Tovar.

March 69. 

Visual Arts Faculty UANL. 

Miembro del Consejo del 150 Aniversario del H. Ayuntamiento de Ciudad Apodaca, Nuevo León (2001), Consejero del Instituto Municipal de la Juventud de CD. Guadalupe, Nuevo León (2006-2009) 

Premio Estatal de La Juventud Categoría Méritos Cívicos (2005)

Fundador de CRONOS Tiempo de Todo! (1997). 

Had published stories, articles and poetry in Periódico El Porvenir, y las revistas La Nave, La Roca, ¡Liras!, La Llave, Hiperespacio y Oficio. 


Invitado para leer y dictar conferencias desde 1991 en diferentes recintos culturales del País.

Aquí sigo, en la cueva del Dragón, con tanto fuego adentro.

Mientras el mundo progresa pensando que los dragones son leyendas contadas por viejos supersticiosos.

Buena semana.

Arde mi corazón

Lucha Siempre

Delante del hierro

Ojos venideros…

Sabrán la Historia.

“Existen dos maneras de hacer las cosas:

Hacerlas simplemente bien para llenar el requisito.


Buscar hacerlas extraordinariamente.

Es elección de cada uno.”

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